Our mission here at RUSSH is to share our collective passion of snowmobiling by bringing awareness to:
Respecting private property and closed trails;
Understanding how much work goes into creating and maintaining a snowmobile clubs trail system;
Always ride Safely and within your own limits on a well maintained machine;
Tread lightly on state, public, and private lands with a sense of Stewardship;
Ride with a sense of Honor amongst your fellow snowmobilers.

RUSSH Spring SNIRT Fundraiser! April 16, 2016 Spring Fundraiser

RUSSH 1st Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser! June 18, 2016 Golf Tournament

RUSSH Hot August Nights Car, Bike, Tractor and Vintage Sled Show ! August 15, 2016 Hot August Nights

RUSSH was founded in Turin, NY on January 2nd, 2016 to help raise awareness within the snowmobile community.
You can check out their RUSSH Facebook page or e-mail us at [email protected]

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